Copyright Policy

Guidelines for Reproducing or Using Material from the Lady Em Destin Web Site policy is to use externally produced material (graphics, text, etc.) on our web site only with permission of the copyright holder.


Most text appearing on Lady Em Destin web pages was either prepared by employees of our company and therefore not subject to copyright or prepared under contracts that gave Lady Em Destin the right to place the text into the public domain. You may freely copy that material. Lady Em Destin requests that, when doing so, you include a “Courtesy: Lady Em Destin” notation.

If copyrighted text is included on a Lady Em Destin web page, it will be specifically identified. Copyrighted material may not be utilized in whole or in part without the express written permission of the copyright holder.


Permission to use Lady Em Destin graphics is granted on a case-by-case basis. All are private domain created by contractors of Lady Em Destin, and some are used with specific permission granted by the owner. Therefore, graphics found on the Lady Em Destin Website web site should not be reused without permission.

Granting the right to use a graphic from the Lady Em Destin web site does not explicitly or implicitly convey Lady Em Destin endorsement of the site where it is used. If a Lady Em Destin image includes an identifiable person, you many not use the photo unless you obtain expressed written consent from that person.

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